Ocular Migraines

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Ocular Migraines



Ocular migraines, unlike the other types of migraines, are less serious; they do not affect the head area but affects the eye and the vision the patient. Unlike the symptoms that come with headaches or the other types of migraines, this migraine type is less serious but is migraines all the same. The normal symptoms that come with migraines which are vomiting, nausea and some dizziness are not the case with this type of migraine. Ocular migraine is very difficult to diagnose and it might take a lot of doctor visits for the doctor to perfectly diagnose that that type of migraine is ocular migraine.  This is because as stated earlier, its symptoms and characteristics, like any other traditionally known migraines, are either not present or less severe.

ocular_migraines1This type of migraine will start off with a small blind spot that expands with time. The patient will begin to have very blurry visions or in extreme conditions might get fully blind not being able to see. It has very mild symptoms but the symptoms might mature to have the individual experience very serious conditions. Ocular migraines are quite serious and early diagnosis will ensure doctors do anything within their power to help in curbing the full blown blindness that might be the case. As these migraines get serious one will not be able to totally focus on objects as required. They will in most cases realize they really have very blurred visions.

This will be uncomfortable as just like any other migraine, ocular migraine only affects one side of the eye and the said person will only be seeing with one eye. These symptoms are more often than not accompanied by a dull throbbing headache. The blind spot or fuzziness does not stay for long as it might disappear after some time leaving the said individual really fatigued. As it affects the eye, everything that needs the eye for proper operation will be disoriented. This includes reading which might be quite difficult with a single eye not being at peak perfection

The cause of ocular migraines is still not known, however, doctors speculate that the cause of this might be the same as traditional migraines. Medications that will help treat these migraines exist and doctors are working day and night to ensure they find the cause of ocular migraines. The good news is that there is treatment and the condition is very much treatable; over the counter medication also exist though doctor advice against consistent use of over the counter medication to treat headaches and migraines.


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